Ventilated Dry Ridge System

Marley ventilated dry ridge system

The Marley ventilated dry ridge system provides a dry fixed and weathertight ridge on the roof. The system has been specifically designed to be quick and easy to install to save time and reduce costs for your roofing project.

Why choose a ventilated dry ridge system?

One of the primary benefits of the system is that each ridge unit is mechanically fixed to provide a mortar-free ridge. This saves costs and reduces the time taken to fix the system in place.

The system, which provides 5mm continuous ventilation along the ridge, is also weathertight to provide extra protection from the elements. It is also entirely maintenance-free following installation.

Full compatibility with other tiles and slates

This system is fully compatible with all of our tiles and slates. It’s also fully compatible with the Marley ventilated dry hip system.

Technical details

There are certain ridges that this system is not suitable for, including:

  • 75° plain angle ridges
  • Capped angle ridges
  • Roll top ridges
  • Hogs back ridges

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