Dry Hip System

  • Simple, fast installation
  • Dry fix system
  • Meets BS 5534 requirements and NHBC guidelines
  • Compatible with the Marley Ventilated Dry Ridge System
  • Suitable for standard hip tiles


The Marley Dry Hip System is designed to provide a totally dry fixed and weathertight hip that is fast and simple to install. Every hip unit is mechanically fixed eliminating the need for mortar completely. The system is ideal for use with the Marley Ventilated Dry Ridge System.

Function & Compatibility

  • Provides a weathertight mechanical fix for hip tiles
  • Completely dry fixed system
  • Suitable for all Marley concrete tiles and slates
  • Compatible with the Marley Ventilated Dry Ridge System


All components sold separately
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Dry Hip fixing kit contains:

2 No. 3m length of closed-cell rubber foam strips | 5 No. PVCu fixing/expansion blocks | 12 No. head clips | 2 No. PVCu 'H' section clips | 18 No. tail clips | 7 No. 75mm x 10g s/s drive screws | 1 No. block end hip bracket and set screw with sealing washer

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