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No compromise on safety

Managing out risk in construction is vital for both the safety and longevity of any project, no matter whether you are specifying, selling on or installing yourself. Access our resources and find out how JB Red timber battens can help ensure you don't compromise on safety by choosing from the options below.

Certified Performance

Here at Marley, we strive to offer products you can rely on. To prove how seriously we take this pledge, we are working in partnership with many third-party organisations to get our products certified, so you can always rest assured that you are receiving goods of a genuinely high quality.

Our JB Red battens are testament to that, being the only UK factory graded roof batten with BBA certification. Produced only from high-grade, slow-grown and kiln-dried sideboards our JB Red Battens provide maximum strength and stability.

Marley also holds a WPA Approved Treaters certificate under the WPA Benchmark Quality Approval Scheme, to certify the treatment of wood under Use Classes 2 and 3 treated with Koppers Celcure MC-T3.

Unambiguously good 

CCPI Product Verification

JB Red Battens have become one of the first products on the UK market to carry the CCPI mark, helping to provide assurance to product users that the product information for these products is clear, accurate, accessible, up-to-date and unambiguous. 

Marley JB Red CCPI verification mark