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No compromise on safety

There's no need to take a risk. Choosing to install a BS 5534 compliant roofing batten will keep you and your team safe upon the roof.

Not forgetting that as an essential part of the roof structure, compliant timber battens also support the longevity of the roof for the homeowner or client, so you know they'll last.

With JB Red roof batten, the only precision-graded batten on the market, Marley gives you the confidence that you're purchasing the most stringently tested batten in the UK. That's why you can Rely on Red.

Why you can Rely on Red

Precision graded

Only battens that have been pre-graded can be used as roof battens.

JB Red is precision graded to the millimetre, the only roof batten in the UK to undergo such stringent grading using our dedicated Goldeneye scanning line. The computer-controlled laser scans each length of timber to ensure it meets the performance criteria set out in the UK Building Regulations - BS 5534, whereas many other suppliers rely purely on visual grading.

Ungraded batten has also entered the UK market and it's important to understand that this batten does not comply with BS 5534 and therefore cannot be used as roofing batten.

Take a look at our grading guide, so you know how to check the quality of timber batten before you buy.

Rely On Red | Marley JB Red Roofing Battens

60-year desired service life

All JB Red timber batten is preservative treated to BS 8417 Use Class 2.

The MicroPro® preservative treatment protects against wood rotting fungi and insects, so you can be sure it's fit for purposeand without comebacks.

The batten is loaded into our vacuum treatment tanks, where the preservative treatment is impregnated into the timber. The red pigment protects the timber and transforms it to give the distinctive and easily identifiable red colour.

Rely On Red | Marley JB Red Roofing Battens

Sustainably sourced and ready to supply

Widely available across the UK, our JB Red roof battens are sourced from an extensive network of Scandinavian sawmills. All of our timber has full chain of custody and is PEFC certified to ensure it only comes from managed forests.

With quality paramount, we select slow-grown timber, which gives maximum strength and durability.

We are picky with the timber we choose.

When it comes to the cuts we use, we specifically choose kiln-dried sideboards, eliminating the weaker cuts. This way we know our timber will provide greater stability, and is less likely to distort.

Sustainably Sourced JB Red Timber Battens

Easy to identify

Easily identifiable with their bright red colour, pre-graded JB Red battens, cut down the time needed to visually grade on-site - saving you time and money and making it easier for building inspectors to know your batten meets the standards.

Rely On Red | Marley JB Red Roofing Battens

Part of the Marley roof system

JB Red roofing battens are a core component of the Marley roof system, along with our underlays, dry fix accessories, roof tiles and solar panels. By choosing to install a Marley Roof System, following our guidance, you can be sure that all our products are designed and tested to work together, so you won't need to return to the roof. And it's backed up by our 15-year Roof System guarantee. 

Remove the uncertainty of mixing and matching different manufacturers' components and you and your clients will be in safe hands.

Find out more about the Marley Roof System.

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