How do I clean my decking?

Whatever the outdoor surface, maintenance will be required over the life of the product. For timber decking the regime is minimal but it is key to ensuring longevity and to keeping your decking looking great.

All decks will benefit from brushing with a good stiff broom on a regular basis to remove any surface debris including leaves and moss build up.

Once a year we recommend you give your deck a thorough cleaning using a gentle pressure spray or a purpose made deck cleaning product which is formulated to remove grease and discolouration, this will also assist to remove any surface algae which contribute to the deck being more slippery.

Raising planters on blocks to allow air flow and drainage underneath and using rubber feet on furniture will help to keep your deck looking great.

Timber is a natural product that experiences a period of intermittent wetting and drying over its life, this can cause small surface splits but does not affect the structural integrity of the deck and is a natural characteristic of timber decking.

A smooth profile deck board can provide a lower maintenance option as less dirt and debris can become trapped which does happen on a traditional grooved deck board.

Please see our Deck Maintenance sheet for further information.

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