How slip resistant is your decking?

Marley’s AntiSlip Plus and CitiDeck antislip decking range contains a unique formula of a resin-based aggregate that forms a grip insert and provides a slip resistant surface.

Decking should be tested to confirm its slip resistance. The HSE’s preferred method is the pendulum test which generates a Pendulum Test Value (PTV). A PTV value of 36 or more confirms the surface has a low potential for slip. This is in accordance with the UK Slip Resistance Council standards.

AntiSlip Plus and CitiDeck have been independently tested by the Health & Safety Laboratory in Buxton and comfortably exceed the minimum PTV, scoring between 61 and 80 depending on if the surface is wet or dry. This provides a slip resistant surface that can used by everyone, safely all year round even in the wetter months.

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