What is the difference between a grooved and smooth profile?

Typically, castellated boards are a traditional choice in the UK, due to the aesthetic appeal of continuous and textured grooves. Smooth boards create a more even, natural looking landscape; they also have several significant practical advantages when compared to grooved boards.

When specifying decking for areas with high levels of foot traffic with consideration for pushchairs, wheelchairs or bikes grooved decking boards can be too uneven, a smooth profile provides a more inclusive surface suitable for all users of the deck. CitiDeck is a smooth profile board with less abrasive inserts than our Marley Antislip Plus boards, resulting in a less bumpy ride.

Smooth decking is often specified for outdoor areas where food is served or hygiene is of high priority, the profile prevents food, dirt or litter becoming trapped, making it much easier to clean. Dirt and leaf debris can also become trapped and is difficult to sweep out of grooved boards, smooth boards are easier to maintain. 

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