What is the minimum pitch for a roof tile or slate?

All tiles and slates have a minimum roof pitch which is set out in order to protect the roof from water penetration. The minimum pitch for each product can be found in the table below and in the product brochure or within the products pages. Some tiles and slates incorporate design features allowing them to be laid at a low minimum pitch. Low pitches are often found on extensions to properties where the angle of the roof is limited due to obstructions such as second floor windows.

You can also read more about the reasons for choosing low pitch tiles and the requirements in our blog.

 Clay Tiles

   Canterbury Ashdowne  Hawkins  Acme Double Camber  Acme Single Camber Lincoln 
Min. Pitch   40°  35°  30°  35°  30°  15°

Concrete Tiles

Plain Edgemere Modern/Duo Double Roman Mendip Mendip 12.5  Ludlow Major Ludlow Plus Wessex Anglia Ashmore
Min. Pitch 35° 17.5° 17.5° (Smooth) 22.5° (Smooth) 15° (smooth) 12.5°  22.5° (Smooth) 22.5° 15° 25° (Smooth) 22.5°

 Cedar Shingles and Shakes

  Shingles Shakes
Min. Pitch 14° 20°