How do I install roof-integrated solar panel roof tiles?

Roof-integrated solar panel installation is a simple process with Marley SolarTile® - just secure the fixings, place the first tile, push-fit additional tiles and then attach final fixings and flashings. 

The entire process can take less than one hour per kilowatt peak, and our integrated solar roof system is provided with all components in colour-coded boxes to make the process even easier. There’s no need for counter battens or additional undertrays. The solar PV panels also form part of the roof covering, directly replacing roof tile sections, giving the extra benefit of time saving on installing the roof tiles.

Comprehensive installer training is also available, giving contractors the skills and knowledge they need to carry out installations quickly and to a high standard.

How to fit solar panels to a tiled roof

Marley SolarTile® has been designed for installation over a standard roof construction with roof battens in place and a continuous functional underfelt that terminates in a gutter. 

Installation kits are provided with everything needed to install the solar tiles and are designed for battens measuring 25mm thick. For battens of other sizes or sarked roofs, alternative kits are also available.

Begin by installing the first solar roof panel in the array - this should be the one located on the bottom left. Work up each column, then move to the right. The tiles can be installed in either landscape or portrait orientation using the same method.

The installation process is quick and easy: brackets are fixed into place, the first panel and flashing are installed, then joining strips are attached so the next panel can be pushed into place for a weather-tight and secure finish. 

Illustrated step-by-step instructions are provided with each kit, and our team of experts is available to answer any questions you may have.

Top tips for integrated solar roof tile installation

  • Electrically test each tile as it is installed. This will ensure any faults are noticed quickly and simplify troubleshooting.
  • Pass cables through roofing membrane laps for connection inside the building. Alternatively, connect them to adjacent tiles in the batten space.
  • Panels can be connected in rows or columns.
  • The junction box can be installed at the top or bottom of the solar tile.
  • Wear gloves when handling flashings, as they may have sharp edges.
  • Don’t rush through the placement of flashings - ensure they are straight.
  • Lubricating gaskets can make it easier to push in the flashings - glass cleaner works well for this.

Complete roofing systems from Marley

Marley SolarTile® is part of our comprehensive roofing system and is compatible with our entire range of roofing materials. Everything is also covered by our 15-year guarantee - the longest guarantee on the market for solar roof panels.

To find out more about Marley SolarTile® integrated solar roofing system installation, as well as specification advice, please contact our technical team.

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