Felt Support Tray

Designed to be installed over the rafters at the eaves, felt support trays provide support for roof felts and other base layers, such as breather membranes and non-breathable underlays.

  • Supports roofing underlay
  • Prevents water ponding
  • Sold separately in packs of 10
  • Used as part of the Universal Eaves vent system  


Sometimes known as underlay support trays or membrane support trays, felt support trays are manufactured from black PVC. They are supplied in lengths of 1.5m, can be cut to size and are easy to install.

Felt support trays protect base layers from being exposed to UV rays and weather at the eaves, which can lead to deterioration over time. They have a rigid structure that prevents the membranes from sagging and avoids ponding behind the fascia board. Instead, the felt support trays guide water into the guttering so it can flow away from the roof efficiently.
They are supplied in packs of ten or can be specified as part of the Marley Universal Eaves vent system.

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