How to Fit Roof Tiles: Concrete vs Natural Slate

AJC Home case study using Marley edgemere Both concrete and natural slate roofing tiles offer a variety of practical and aesthetic benefits. They are durable, have long lifespans and provide an attractive finish to both traditional and modern buildings.  

Marley’s range of Edgemere concrete roofing tiles is designed to provide a modern alternative to traditional natural slate. An interlocking tile, Edgemere has a similar appearance to slate, with a thin profile, dark grey appearance and your choice of riven or smooth finish

While Edgemere tiles may look like natural slate, the tiles are concrete and made in a factory, so they have a consistent and predictable shape and size. This means they are faster and easier to install, helping roofing contractors increase their efficiency on site and also making them more cost effective. 

Planning the tile pattern 

Like most natural slate roofing products, Edgemere concrete roofing tiles are designed to be be laid in a broken bond pattern. This staggers the interlocks and aids the performance of the tiles since the configuration allows water to drain into the interlock on one tile and disperse onto the flat surface of the tile below.

Since both natural slate and Edgemere concrete tiles are typically installed in this pattern, using Edgemere gives you the same look, but with the cost and practical benefits of a factory-produced roof tile. 

Completing the tiling 

When it comes to fixing concrete roof tiles, the proper method of fixing depends on the product, as well as the project's environment and location, the roof design, and the building height.  

Large format, single-lap concrete tiles such as Edgemere are usually fairly secure due to their weight, but each tile will need to be nailed as a minimum. The tiles are supplied with pre-drilled holes for ease of installation. 

For eaves, verges, hips, and ridges, Marley offers a range of solutions to help make the installation process simple, while ensuring the finished roof is secure and weatherproof. Options compatible with Edgemere concrete slates include the Universal Eaves Ventilation system, the Edgemere dry verge system, the Universal HipFast system and the Universal RidgeFast system

Technical support 

If you have any questions or difficulties with the installation of Edgemere cement roof tiles, please contact our technical enquiry team. We also offer a variety of specification tools to help you choose the right products for your project.

Edgemere Interlocking Slate Concrete Tile

The Edgemere range includes the Duo Edgemere with a mock bond down the centre of each tile to resemble small format slates, and the Riven Edgemere, which has a randomly textured surface that provides an even closer match to natural slate.