Storing timber decking in winter months?

Timber by its very nature is strong and weathers well, especially timber used for the external building envelope. However all timber, regardless of its use, can be affected by poor storage on site.

It may seem obvious but correct storage of batten, from the manufacturer, at the merchant and then on site, will help reduce site wastage and ensure that your timber is installed ‘fit for purpose’.

BS8000-6: 2013 Workmanship on Building Sites – Code of practice for slating and tiling of roofs and walls give clear guidance and sets out good practice

Roofing Batten

On site battens should always be stored on bearers, spaced so that twisting and sagging is prevented and protected from water saturation. In the yard they can be stored in a similar manner. Care should be taken with stock rotation so that no pack gets left unturned at the back.

Marley puts a mouldicide in the treatment to prevent the ‘black spotting’ that occurs when timbers gets wet and/or ‘sweats’. Ideally battens should be protected from the weather or can be stored in racks that have a roof.

Western Red Cedar Shingles

On site shingles should be stored in place on a firm, even base free from soiling, and stored close to the building to avoid excessive handling. Again, yard storage would be similar to battens with the product being protected from the weather.

Excessive weathering simply discolours the timber and makes the product look less attractive

Where can I get more information? 

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