JB Red Batten

High quality roofing batten and the only UK factory graded batten available to the roofing industry with BBA certification.

  • Factory graded in the UK to BS 5534
  • Roofing batten
  • UKAS third party assessed by the BBA (British Board of Agrément)
  • Full chain of custody - FSC® or PEFC™ certified
  • Highly identifiable on site due to red pigment
  • Preservative treated to BS 8417: 2011 Usage Class 2 using MicroPro® against attack by wood rotting fungi and insect attack 

Here, at Marley, we believe an exceptional roof design is the sum of all its parts, meaning that each and every roof component must deliver the highest quality and superb durability.

Our JB Red battens are testament to that, being the only UK factory graded roof batten with BBA certification. Produced only from high-grade, slow-grown and kiln-dried sideboards our JB Red Battens provide maximum strength and stability.  

Why use Marley’s JB Red battens:

  • The distinctive red pigment in our JB Red Battens means that on site they are easily identifiable to Local Authority Building Control, NHBC and other inspectors as high-quality, pre-graded Marley roof battens, which are fully compliant with BS 5534.

  • No further grading is required, saving you time and money.

  • Our exceptional strong and rigid JB Red Battens are available in 2 sizes 25 x 38mm and 25 x 50mm, supplied every time with consistency in width and thickness, making installation quick and easy. Marley roof battens are treated with the preservative MicroPro to protect them from attack by wood rotting fungi and insects, thereby reducing the risk of complaints at a later date. MicroPro complies with BS 8417:2011 Usage Class 2, and carries a 60-year life expectancy, giving you further peace of mind. 


Function & Compatibility

JB is fully complaint with BS 5534 and provides a secure foothold in accordance with this British roofing standard.
Rely on Red JB Red Roofing Batten Howard image

Graded batten checklist

Not all graded batten is the same. It is important to check the quality of other battens on the market to ensure you are roofing to current British standards. The below graded batten checklist will help you decide if your current roofing batten is up to standard. With JB Red you have the peace of mind that it fully complies with BS 5534!


Table showing Batten check list

Advantages of JB Red

  • Meets all the requirements of BS 5534

  • No further grading required reducing time and cost

  • Reduced risk of complaints

  • Consistent thickness and width

  • Unique red colour - easily identifiable with building control

  • Manufactured from slow grown kiln dried sideboards for maximum strength & stability

Lengths and fixing requirements

JB Red is supplied in lengths generally 3.0m and longer (usually 3.6m and longer). A batten should be a minimum of 1.2m long and span at least 3 rafters. 

Not more than one in four battens should be joined over one truss for gauges over 200mm below 200mm there can be 3 consecutive joins in any twelve battens. The best way to meet this is to buy a spread of lengths so joints can be staggered. 


Once delivered, store battens and counter battens on sufficient bearers to prevent sagging or twisting. They should also be protected from water saturation whilst lying horizontally. 

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