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Lincoln Clay Pantile

Lincoln Interlocking Clay Pantiles in Natural Red, have been used for the roofing on a residential new build in Goulceby, Near Scamblesby. Installed by TD Roofing, the Lincoln tile combines the bold and beautiful curves of traditional clay pantiles with all the installation simplicity and speed required for today's roofs.

All in the detail

A luxury residential new build project in the Lincolnshire Wolds, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, has used Lincoln traditional clay pantiles in natural red to give the roof a traditional, high quality aesthetic, in keeping with the areas beautiful, rural surroundings.

Lincoln clay interlocking profiled tiles combine the bold and beautiful curves of traditional clay pantiles with installation simplicity, making them the perfect solution for new build homes looking to recreate a traditional aesthetic. With a traditional s-curve profile and low pitch of 12.5° available, they bring flexibility and versatility to new build projects.

Lincoln clay interlocking tile in natural red showing chimney flashing detail



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Note: This case study for the Lincoln clay interlocking pantile is not an exact match to our new Lincoln 2024 range. They can be used to experience what the profile of the tile looks like on roofing projects. Due to slight changes in our colour range, in order to understand the texture and colour of the new Lincoln clay pantiles, we would suggest requesting samples. If you would like to see a case study with our New Lincoln range, then please click here.