Forest Holidays Delamere

Anti-slip decking

Set deep within Delamere Forest, emerges a beautiful rural retreat, offering guests the chance to connect with nature among the trees.

Treated wood project of the year

Our AntiSlip® Plus timber decking, installed at Forest Holidays in Delamere, has been shortlisted as a finalist for the 'Treated Wood Project of the Year' 2021 award by the Wood Protection Association (WPA). 

All in the detail

Rural retreat

Forest Holidays create holiday cabin locations across the UK in unique and stunning forest locations, providing people with an opportunity to connect with nature.

Delamere Forest is the latest addition, which opened in April 2021, and includes Marley AntiSlip Plus® timber decking.

Set amongst a 2,400 acre mixed broadleaf and evergreen forest, 66 spacious woodland cabins, each with their own outdoor decking area and hot tub are accessed by walkways and bridges, to offer guests a tranquil rural escape. 

We talked to Forest Holidays about Delamere and why they specified anti-slip timber decking.



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Natural choice

In keeping with the woodland surroundings, Forest Holidays were looking to use natural timber products, choosing to specify a treated timber decking that would reinforce the organic sense of place between the forest, timber cabins and walkways.

Natural timber products can be one of the most sustainable choices when specifying building materials. Marley timber decking is made using sustainably sourced European Redwood timber, with full chain of custody and supplied with PEFC certification to meet the Forest Holidays specification.

Safety as a priority

It goes without saying that safety for visitors is the utmost priority, so specifying anti-slip products, both indoors and out is a necessity. Each of the holiday cabins contain a hot tub on their outdoor decking area, providing a unique space for guests to wind down in the open air. For Forest Holidays, they also needed to ensure that the decking specification met the anti-slip criteria.


AntiSlip Plus® utilises our anti-slip technology which comprises of two grey bauxite inserts. These inserts enable the deck boards to be used when wet and score very highly, using the Health and Safety Executive's (HSE) test method, in both wet and dry conditions.

Preparing for high occupancy

With cabins and walkways sited beneath the forest canopy, the site presents a unique set of environmental conditions, which can cause the build-up of mosses and algae from overhanging branches and dampness.

Additional wetting from the daily use of hot tubs by customers, combined with the weekly cleaning cycle, has meant that choosing a product with the appropriate level of treatment was also essential.

AntiSlip Plus® has been treated to Use Class 3, giving suitable protection for use above ground in areas exposed to frequent wetting and to prevent fungal decay.

Durability and maintenance

By making changes to site practice as well as moving to an anti-slip decking product, Forest Holidays have been able to extend the life of their deck boards by a number of years, which has prompted them to roll it out across their 11 UK locations.

Handmade in the UK, we check the quality at every stage of the process, and for extra reassurance, AntiSlip Plus® comes complete with DeckMark® and DeckMark® Plus certification, so you can be sure that it is made to last. 


AntiSlip® Plus timber decking

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Forest Holidays in Delamere installed Marley Citideck Forest Holidays in Delamere installed Marley Citideck Forest Holidays in Delamere installed Marley Citideck Forest Holidays in Delamere installed Marley Citideck
Forest Holidays in Delamere installed Marley Citideck
Forest Holidays in Delamere installed Marley Citideck
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