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From the Marley range of anti-slip timber decking products, Playscheme chose Marley CitiDeck® as the product of choice for the Robert Wilkinson memorial project.

All in the detail 

In memory of four-year-old Jake Smith who passed away in December 2016, the project comprised a bespoke treehouse designed and built in memory of Jake, along with a surrounding walkway and garden area, fully furnished with Marley’s iconic anti-slip decking product, CitiDeck®.

Funding for the project was raised with the help of Strensall Community, Robert Wilkinson Primary Academy, and Jake’s family with the ambition being to create something that would not only be a memory to Jake, but also give back to the local community. The treehouse (named “Jake’s Treehouse”) was expertly designed by Playscheme to reflect Jake’s personality, with quirky angles and coloured windows to represent his liveliness and enthusiasm. The vibrant design is something of a hit with the local children, who also had input into the creation of the space itself.

The surrounding garden area includes a planting space for the community to use, with local families bringing along flowers to plant in memory of Jake. Additionally, a small pond and tree platform were also included to bring some natural vibrancy and greenery to the space. The treehouse itself also uses adorning skylights and windows to draw in the natural light, which helps to bring a great deal of that vibrancy inside.



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Marley citideck installed on Robert Wilkinson project
Improving safety and sustainability with non-slip timber decking

Because of the dual purpose of the project, Playscheme had to plan ahead to ensure that it would be suitable for heavy, sustained use by children playing in the treehouse and surrounding communal planting space. The combination of potentially damp terrain and the walkway leading up to the treehouse was understandably a key area of consideration even in the conceptual stages. Consequently, Playscheme rightly decided to install anti-slip decking across the walkway, the stairs up into the treehouse, and in the treehouse’s internal space to ensure the space would be safe and sustainable for children in the community to enjoy to the fullest.

Marley’s CitiDeck® anti-slip timber deck boards were selected by Playscheme for the entirety of the decking, with a combination of contributing factors being highlighted by the developer. Key elements included the use of Marley’s leading anti-slip profile, the beautiful aesthetics of the timber itself, as well as the longevity of the product.

Marley CitiDeck® is widely renowned for its smooth inclusive profile and two anti-slip inserts, which are a slightly less abrasive aggregate, whilst still exceeding the HSE’s minimum requirement, providing a safe, non-slip surface. Treated to achieve a 30-year service life, CitiDeck®’s above-average lifespan is an important benefit in driving down the costs of associated maintenance and refurbishment – thanks to the smooth surface being much easier to maintain and keep clean.

In addition, the timber is an aesthetically pleasing material that can be left to weather naturally over time, blending in with its surroundings. All of Marley’s anti-slip decking is sourced sustainably with full PEFC accreditation, enhancing the environmental credentials of the project.
Commenting on the importance of safety and the reasons for choosing Marley CitiDeck®, Graham Swales, Production Assistant at Playscheme explained: “Everything that we build has everything checked - every opening, every gap, every bit of wood that comes over a rail. Everything is measured and checked over around four times before it’s actually signed off. Especially because children might be going from wet grass, and running up the stairs into the treehouse, we needed all decking to be non-slip for safety reasons, and the product we go to for that is CitiDeck®.”

The Robert Wilkinson memorial project is one in a long line of Playscheme projects to use Marley’s CitiDeck® timber decking, including other notable projects such as the Paddington Park project, situated in the centre of Paddington. With every project, the relationship between Marley and Playscheme grows even closer, and we are proud to continue working with the developer across its inspiring outdoor play environments.

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Marley citideck installed on Robert Wilkinson project

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