Spire Health Care

Marley SolarTile®

Working on an operational site is always a challenge. Ensuring minimal disruption to staff and patients was just one of the considerations Marley helped overcome.

In the detail...

Introducing Solar Panels to an Operational Outpatients Building with Minimal Disruption

The project

Spire Health Care in Cardiff is a private hospital. When the outpatient block needed re-roofing, Marley’s products were used, including its SolarTile®.

Minimum disruption, maximum impact

The outpatient block at Spire Health Care needed re-roofing and the installation of Marley SolarTile®. The site would remain operational during the project, so the work needed to be done quickly and with minimal disruption to staff and patients.

Two contractors worked with Marley to complete this project – NRA Roofing and Solar Centric. Both have worked with Marley products for many years and were very familiar with them.



  • Marley SolarTile®


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  • NRA Roofing and Solar Centric


  • Cardiff
Introducing  Marley Solar Panels to an Operational Outpatients Building with Minimal Disruption
“We’ve been using Marley products for years and always find them easy to install,” said Kevin Mosson, Contracts Manager, NRA Roofing. “At the start of the project, we had a site visit from one of Marley’s representatives. He was excellent and provided a complete specification for the job that we followed.

“The installation of the Ludlow Major tiles was straightforward, and all the products arrived on site on time, so there were no delays.”

Bringing solar to Cardiff

Spire Health Care wanted to incorporate solar into their new outpatients' roof. NRA brought in Solar Centric’s experienced team to help.

“We’ve worked with Marley on several occasions,” said Mervyn Mayers, Director, Solar Centric. “The SolarTile® is an excellent product and very easy to install. Being an in-roof product, the finished result is superb.”