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Roofing Contractors throughout the UK are presented with a fantastic opportunity to futureproof their business and capitalise on a growing and sustained surge in solar panel installations.

The stars are aligned, with recent updates to Part L of the Building Regulations demanding a reduction in carbon emissions from new building works, with Solar PV leading the way as the preferred method to help do so, to the increased demand from homeowners looking to renewable energy sources as a way to combat rising bills, charge their cars and in turn lower their own carbon footprint. 

It's more than a roof

It's an opportunity!

The Marley Solar Roof System

The most complete roof system on the market. 

Here at Marley, we are leading the charge for roofing contractors throughout the UK to be at the forefront of handling consumer, and housebuilders demand for solar systems. 

The The Marley SolarTile® has been designed with the roofer in mind, and when installing it as part of our complete Roof System, provides a seamless energy generating solution in to the roofspace, all designed to work together, so that the roofs you install are both weatherproof, and futureproof.

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Solar installation training for roofers

We recognise that our responsibility stretches further than the products and systems that we supply. 

That's why, to support roofing businesses meet the increased demand for solar roof systems, and make the most of the opportunity that solar installations have to offer, we have solar installation training courses designed to equip you with the knowledge on how to install our Marley SolarTile®.

Book your place on our solar installation training course, held at our head office in Burton 

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If you have a job coming up using our Marley SolarTile®, we can offer on-site training for you and your team. 

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Additional tools and support available to you

Whether you're looking to become MCS certified, or need samples to show a client, we have a suite of further tools that are there to make your life easier. 

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