Universal roof ventilation tile terminals

Universal roof ventilation tile terminals

  • Weatherproof
  • Suitable for a range of tiles
  • Ideal for a range of roof ventilation systems
  • Available in a choice of three colours
  • Suitable for a minimum pitch of 20°


If you are looking for roof ventilation terminals that are strong, durable and compatible with a wide range of concrete interlocking tiles, choose Marley’s tile ventilation terminals. Made from concrete, they are suitable for roofs where the normal airpath is blocked or where normal ridge ventilation or eaves are not possible.

Why choose Marley roof ventilation terminals?

Marley’s tile ventilation terminals are tough and long-lasting. The weatherproof terminals are compatible with a range of standard concrete interlocking tiles, including large-format interlocking tiles, 15" x 9" interlocking tiles and Maxima clay pantile.

These are suitable for various types of ventilation, including natural, mechanical and soil pipe ventilation. They are also quick and easy to install, so you won’t waste any time during installation, and you can choose from three natural colours.

Order tile samples

If you would like to order samples of tiles to use with the tile ventilation terminals, you can order them quickly and easily today.
Technical data
  • Can connect up to a 110mm diameter pipe for mechanical or soil pipe ventilation
  • Not suitable for the extraction of hot gasses
  • Ashmore tile vent is for natural ventilation only
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