CitiDeck Decking comes in an attractive and distinctive colour and provides long-lasting appeal and character to any deck.

We invite you to see the range of textures provided by our decking to help decide which is most suitable, so please ask about our sample services.

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CitiDeck®, is a non-slip timber deck board designed for use in urban environments and where inclusivity and accessibility is essential.

Originally developed to promote inclusivity at the Olympic Park, Marley CitiDeck is now specified for many urban applications, from schools and hospitals to housing developments and restaurants.

Timber decking is the most sustainable, and one of the most environmentally-friendly, hard landscaping products. The smooth profile of Marley CitiDeck is easy to clean, preventing accumulation of dirt, litter or food waste.

CitiDeck® features two non-slip inserts with a white-coloured aggregate and comes graded to C16 or C24 and CE marked.

An image of non-slip citi-Deck decking, on a large balcony space at George House.

If you want to install outdoor decking for your school, playground or nursery, you must pay careful attention to not only safety but also aesthetics and maintenance.

Many schools and education settings choose timber decking for attractive and safe outdoor areas for both play and teaching, so read our guide to everything you need to know.

Everyone loves a spot of outdoor dining, so make sure customers at your establishment can enjoy eating outside in a safe and attractive outdoor area by using the right timber decking.

We have put together a guide to everything you need to know about using timber decking in the hospitality sector, so take a look at the link below.

When constructing bridges, boardwalks or cycle paths, you need to ensure the safety of users due to the high risk of slipping involved. Such projects provide access to areas that may have been difficult or dangerous to reach, which may involve constructing over challenging terrain like marshland.

Make sure you know everything you need to about using the right timber decking for your project by reading our guide at the link below.

Creating safe and attractive outdoor spaces provides many benefits in healthcare settings such as care homes, where they allow elderly people to enjoy spending more time outside. However, such projects come with their challenges, such as making sure wheelchair users and other people who have difficulty moving around independently can still enjoy them safely.

Read our guide to non-slip timber in healthcare settings to find out everything you need to know.

Technical specification

CitiDeck Colour

Pale Green, almost clear, fading to a warm Honey colour, before eventually turning Silver Grey.

Marley CitiDeck Coverage

  • 125mm widths: 8m per m²
  • 150mm widths: 6.7m per m²


Marley CitiDeck Grading

  • C16 and C24 available


Marley CitiDeck Installation

Marley recommends following the Timber Decking and Cladding association guidelines. The best practice guides can be found below.

CitiDeck Field cuts

All field cuts must be painted/coated with a cut end preservative.

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