Non-slip timber decking - CitiDeck

Non-slip timber decking designed for use in urban environments.

  • Smooth profiled boards 
  • 2 non-slip inserts 
  • Strength classes C16 and C24 and CE marked 
  • BS 5268 and Eurocode span tables 
  • Exceeds the HSL’s anti-slip testing guidelines 
  • Easy to clean and maintain 
  • Full FSC® and PEFC chain of custody 

A distinctive colour that adds character and has a lasting beauty improving with each passing season.

Experiencing the vast variety of textures that our decking provide up close can guide you in the decision-making process when selecting deck coverings. Our efficient sample service can help you in this process.

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CitiDeck®, is a non-slip timber deck board designed for use in urban environments and where inclusivity and accessibility is essential.

Originally developed to promote inclusivity at the Olympic Park, Marley CitiDeck is now specified for many urban applications, from schools and hospitals to housing developments and restaurants.

Timber decking is the most sustainable, and one of the most environmentally-friendly, hard landscaping products. The smooth profile of Marley CitiDeck is easy to clean, preventing accumulation of dirt, litter or food waste.

CitiDeck® features two non-slip inserts with a white-coloured aggregate and comes graded to C16 or C24 and CE marked.

An image of non-slip citi-Deck decking, on a large balcony space at George House.

When specifying decking for schools, nurseries, and playgrounds consideration must be given to aesthetics, maintenance and safety. 

Many schools are choosing to use timber decking to create outdoor teaching and play areas to really maximise and utilise the space they have available.

With the trend of people choosing to dine outside, establishments in the hospitality sector need to ensure there is a safe, inclusive outdoor space for their customers to enjoy.

To read more about non-slip decking within the hospitality sector, view our dedicated landing page.

Specifying decking in high-slip risk areas such as boardwalks and bridges, where safety and performance are key, brings its own set of challenges.

Boardwalks are installed to create a seamless flow across landscapes and enable areas previously unreachable or dangerous areas, such as over water, marshland and rough terrain, to be accessible. This helps to maximise the space available and allows visitors to access these areas safely.

Decking for healthcare environments, such as care homes, should be slip resistant, minimise trip hazards and not create a barrier to access for wheelchairs and the less able.

The use of outside space, with access to fresh air and nature can have an uplifting effect on everyone from young children to the elderly. Trip hazards and accessibility for wheelchair users and the visually impaired are all important considerations in the specification of hard landscaping products.
Technical specification

CitiDeck Colour

Pale Green, almost clear, fading to a warm Honey colour, before eventually turning Silver Grey.

Marley CitiDeck Coverage

  • 125mm widths: 8m per m²
  • 150mm widths: 6.7m per m²


Marley CitiDeck Grading

  • C16 and C24 available


Marley CitiDeck Installation

Marley recommends following the Timber Decking and Cladding association guidelines. The best practice guides can be found below.

CitiDeck Field cuts

All field cuts must be painted/coated with a cut end preservative.

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