What are the different parts of a roof?

Eaves: Means 'edge' and the eaves of a roof is its lowest edge. The eaves may terminate flush with the outer face of the wall when it is known as a 'flush eves' or it may project.

Verge: The edge of a roof which runs from eaves to ridge at a gable.

Ridge: The highest point of a pitched roof that receives the head of the spars (common rafters/rafters). Ridge Tile: A purpose designed tile that covers the ridge of a pitched roof.

Hipped Roof: A term used to describe a pitched roof, the ends of which are also sloped

Valley: Formed by the intersection of two roof surfaces having an external angle less than 180º. The wood member at the intersection is called the valley rafter and the feet of short spars are nailed to the valley rafter.

Abutment: Where two structures meet. Commonly seen in extensions, where the new pitched roof joins on a wall.