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We understand there is more to being a roofer than the work that goes on on-site. That's why we have developed tools to help take some of the pressure off you and your business. From helping your business become more visible with our new Installer Locator, offering quick and easy to use online tools such as our Fixing Spec and Esimator, or having the best sample service for you and your clients, our aim is to make your life easier.

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As changes to Part L of the Building Regulations set to come into affect in June 2022, it is likely to drive a vast increase in the use of solar PV roofing panels and systems in future. We want to help you prepare, and future-proof your roofing business for the changes to Part L. 

By becoming an MCS certified installer, you're not only improving your solar roof service offering, but you are giving yourself the best chance to win future roofing jobs over your competitors. We want to help with that. 

To further support your business, we are offering you a £50 discount on your MCS application, and passing your application on to a leading government approved and UKAS accredited membership scheme operator, who can guide you through the application process. Don't miss out on the future of solar roofing!



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The full Marley Roof System

We believe that the best way to support the roofing community is through the quality and diversity of our product range. By providing a solution to combat the widest range of roof make-ups whilst ensuring the products and systems we supply are stringently tested, to work seamlessly and securely together. This is evident in the full Marley Roof System. The sum of all of it's parts, all of which have been developed with the roofer in mind, to make installation simple and efficient. What's more, obtaining your roof system from one single source can only ease process of delivery. 

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The importance of battens!

There is arguably no more important product to you than the battens on a roof. Aside from ensuring the battens you source are fit for purpose when supporting the roof covering, they also plan an important role in keeping you safe on site. Inferior battens present a danger when using them as a step ladder on a roof, and that's one of the key reasons why we are meticulous in grading the quality of our JB Red battens. Using state of the art 'Goldeneye' laser technology to scan every batten means you can be sure that the battens that are supporting you on a roof, are more than fit for purpose. The red pigment infused into the battens also make them easily identifiable to Building Control officers when checking that they are fully BS5534 compliant. 

Continually innovating

We recognise how important it is to be at the forefront of innovation in the industry. Advancing technology means that roofers are now having to 'move with the times' to learn about updated standards, legislations and products or systems. This is most heavily demonstrated following the government consultation to changes of Part L of the Building Regulations. The roofing industry looks set to move into the age of Solar PV and we don't want you to be left behind! Solar PV panels will soon become an every day requirement for roofing contractors to install and that's why we now offer the Marley SolarTile® range which can be incorporated into the full Marley Roof System. Why not find out more about our range and how to install it to get ahead of the curve? 

New Marley solar tile in situ of roof system

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