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Keeping your safety front of mind!

It goes without saying that the health and safety of you and your colleagues, both on and off site, is the most important thing! That's why we focus heavily on providing information throughout the year on the best ways to lower the risks that are inevitably present on a construction site. From our Winter Safety and Safe in the Sun campaigns and even stringently testing the standard of our JB Red battens, we recognise how vital safety is to you and your family

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Supporting your Safety

Are you geared up for tackling Covid? 

Watch our short video here for tips and guidance on how you can help keep yourself and colleagues safe on site.

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How are our JB Red battens keeping you safe on site?

There is no roofing product more important to the safety of roofers than the battens. Compromising on the quality of your battens is something that can, and has led to serious injury occurring on site. A roofing batten that has been stringently tested against weakness and imperfections should be the minimum requirement when considering which product to purchase. With roofers needing to use the battens as a step ladder, just one weak, rotten or ungraded batten is all it can take to cause serious injuries at height. 

That's why we don't compromise on quality with our JB Red battens. Our fully compliant BS 5534 battens are stringently tested, using state of the art machinery to remove the risk so that they support you, and the weight of the tiles you're carrying, whilst on the roof.  

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