What Low-Pitch Roof Products Are Available?

Low-pitch graph for Marley roof tiles Due to the increase in domestic extensions with low-pitch roofs, the demand for low-pitch roofing solutions is greater than ever.  

There are a number of products on the market that are suitable for low-pitch roofs. Options available from Marley include clay and concrete tiles and cedar shingles and shakes.  

Of course, the minimum pitch will depend on each type of roof tile - specifically on its design and materials. So we’ve provided an overview of the low-pitch roofing products that we offer: 

Concrete tiles 

Edgemere interlocking tiles provide a cost-effective and aesthetically similar alternative to natural slate. These large-format concrete roof tiles can be provided in a dark grey colour that mimics the look of slate perfectly, and the product’s thin leading edge also helps to give it a slate-like appearance. It’s also suitable for low-pitch roofs: 

  • Down to 22.5° pitch (smooth), with a headlap of 75mm
  • Down to 17.5° pitch (smooth), with a headlap of 100mm 

As well as the Edgemere range, we offer a number of other concrete roof tiles that are suitable for low-pitch roofs, such as: 

Clay tiles 

Marley offers several types of clay tile that are suited to low-pitch roofing applications. 

Lincoln Clay Pantiles have an open-gauge design that is easy to fit, while still offering the bold and beautiful curves of traditional pantiles. They can are installed to meet the latest fixing requirements of BS 5534 and the NHBC technical standards. 

  • Down to 17.5° pitch at a 120mm headlap
  • Down to 22.5° pitch at a 75mm headlap 

Other clay roof tiles suitable for low-pitch roofs include: 

Cedar shingles and shakes 

Our Blue Label Western Red Cedar shingles and shakes provide a unique and natural appearance. Their light weight makes them easy to transport, and they are also suitable for use on low-pitch roofs: 

Other materials 

In addition to the products available from Marley, other low-pitch roofing options may include fibre cement tiles and natural slate.  

Technical support 

To find out more about any of the roofing options available from Marley, including minimum pitch information, you can download any of our brochures, or request a free tile sample.

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Mendip 12.5                                                  

The new Mendip 12.5 has the same double pan design as the original concrete tile, but includes some innovative features to ensure it can be used at a lower pitch. Request a sample today.